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You want to be known.

You want to be appreciated.

You want to be understood 

(and to understand).

I get it.


About Carol -  Enneagram Coach and Speaker, Life Story Teacher and Occasional Poet

In my lifetime, I have done many things successfully but I have also failed. I've been surprised at how easier life would have been had I known the Enneagram. Now, having been certified as a coach, I am looking forward to working with folks like you who are curious to know just this: how does the Enneagram help me live a better life?

1.  Knowing yourself is better than not knowing. It's like turning the lights on in your soul. The Enneagram helps with this.


2.  Knowing yourself helps you understand the important people in your life. The Enneagram helps with this too.

3.  The Enneagram is a tool for developing self-awareness. It is not a religion, but people have found that it helps us see where our false selves prevent us from being honest. As a Christian, I see Christ as the one who will help us become real.



We have many things to pay for; I get that, too. I want to make this possible for anyone who wants to walk this coaching season with me, so I've lowered the cost of six individual sessions to $120 ($20 for 45 minutes) or $160 for a couple for six 1-1/2 hour sessions.

Call or email me to see if we're a good fit. Also ask about my speaking to your group in Middle Tennessee.  


                            Carol Roberts



What One Person Has Said

I had a significant breakthrough in a session with Carol. A lifelong escape strategy became so obvious as we discussed Type 7 and common behaviors for my type. After that session, almost immediately I had an experience where I could observe my normal response, and I was able to interrupt it from a new awareness. That became an epiphany about this habit, what it deprived me of (opportunities to choose more beneficial responses) and anchored in my mind a more helpful idea. So, now I remember to sit with my feelings, let them come to the surface, acknowledge, respond, if necessary, and let them go. It has been a wonderful transformation in one small area of my life that seems to slightly adjust many other moments in my days. Thank you, Carol.                   Barbara  01/12/21 


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